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Directory: INFORS HT
Incubation Shakers and Bioreactors for Reliable and Efficient Cultivations Edit INFORS HT is your specialist for bioreactors, incubation shakers and bioprocess control software. You benefit from sophisticated systems, in which your cell lines or microorganisms develop their full potential in a reproducible way, thus contributing to your success. For your applications, we offer the right solutions: - Fermentation of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts) - Cell culture (mammalian cells, insect...
Published: Feb 10, 2014
Innovative Directions
Directory: Innovative Directions
INNOVATIVE DIRECTIONS is a manufacturer’s group providing sales and service support for companies whose products are utilized in the BioFuels industry. Includes DASGIP small-scale bioreactors, foam control and off-gas analysis.
Published: Jan 02, 2012
Directory: INTA
INTA National Bioenergy Program NBP We understand bioenergy as the one derived from using and transforming biomass into different energy vectors (solid liquid and gas) in order to be employed for energy requirements. INTA has been active in the area for the last 20 years. Work is focused in the principal productive chains related with solid, gas and liquid energy vectors in accordance with sustainable development principles Our aim:Secure the supply of sustainable bioenergy sources and services, taking...
Published: Jul 31, 2011
Kapini Energy
Directory: Kapini Energy
Private biofuel Company in the research and development of biodiesel and bioethanol from indegenious renewable energy resources in the Solomon islands. Specific areas coconut biodiesel and jatropha biodiesel and blending with fossil fuels. Company is new, small though has strong plans to expand as leading biofuel company in oceania.
Published: Sep 29, 2010
Koch Membrane Systems
Directory: Koch Membrane Systems
For nearly four decades, Koch Membrane Systems has led the way in developing innovative membrane technologies that serve a diverse range of industries and applications around the globe. KMS provides solutions to markets including industrial and municipal water and wastewater, food and life sciences and industrial processes helping thousands of industries reduce their water footprint, increase productivity, and reduce costs. With an installed base approaching 20,000 systems throughout the world, KMS is...
Published: Jun 16, 2011
Land Network
Directory: Land Network
Land Network International dates back 30 years with wide experience in agricultural technology, engineering and marketing. Its front line activity currently is in the leading edge of recycling waste to productive land in farming, horticulture, forestry, amenity use and reclamation.
Published: Mar 12, 2009
Mediterranean Energy and Ecology Center
Directory: Mediterranean Energy and Ecology Center
Mediterranean Energy and Ecology Center (MEEC) provides the innovative, energy efficient design solutions in the fields of distributed energy, cogeneration and trigeneration, and performs high quality R&D of the advanced energy saving and renewable energy technologies. BIOPOLYGEN Group of the MEEC has recently completed the first phase of testing its simple one-stage process, intended to hydrolyze any biodegradable ligno-cellulosic waste materials with use of a proprietary inorganic catalyst. A new...
Published: Dec 17, 2009
Microbiogen Pty Ltd
Directory: Microbiogen Pty Ltd
Microbiogen is a global leading developer of enhanced yeasts for the production of fuel ethanol and other industrial applications. The company has successfully developed both an organism and fermentation process that uniquely allows the efficient production of fuel and food from waste biomass. Microbiogen is looking to expand its collaboration with leading developers of second generation ethanol facilities to enhance project revenue streams, lower operating costs and simplify the process route.
Published: Jul 27, 2010
Miller De Wulf Corporation
Directory: Miller De Wulf Corporation
The Miller De Wulf Corporation (MDW) is a marketing/communications company specializing in consulting with bioenergy enterprises on leveraging the internet to help market their company. Clients include Price BIOstock which contracts for over 16 million tons per year of wood chips and hog fuel for the paper and pulp industry. MDW is responsible for that company's corporate marketing campaign, website, blog, social media marketing, corporate identity, presentations, and trade show booth design and...
Published: Dec 07, 2009
Myriant Technologies
Directory: Myriant Technologies
Myriant Technologies is focused on manufacturing specialty chemicals from renewable feedstocks, delivering products with a smaller environmental footprint. Our proprietary bio-based process uses less energy and creates less pollution than conventional crude oil-based manufacturing. Using feedstocks from farms and forests to make chemicals helps reduce our dependence on imported oil. By using novel biocatalyst technology, we are able to harness Nature’s power to build complex molecules; building...
Published: Mar 18, 2010
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