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European Biomass Industry Association
Directory: European Biomass Industry Association
The European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA), a Brussels based non profit association, is a strong representative of bioenergy sectors and has an exclusive chance to influence the European directives, communications and various EU papers. Many national biomass associations ranging from R&D centres, technology providers and energy utilities, to SMEs have joined EUBIA since 1996. EUBIA's vision is to create a strong and reliable biomass sector able to contribute significantly to a global,...
Published: Jul 02, 2010
Europe's Energy Portal
Directory: Europe's Energy Portal
Joining the fight against climate change and educating Europeans on the use of renewable energy.
Published: Apr 24, 2009
Farmatic Inc.
Directory: Farmatic Inc.
For 50 years FARMATIC has been and continues to be an internationally successful biogas and waste water engineering, procurement and construction company. We are a technology provider to customers from agriculture, industry, and municipalities. With over 300 completed anaerobic digesters globally, Farmatic plants achieve results that set new standards, with many innovations that were developed over the years becoming standard throughout the industry. Farmatic plants are guaranteed to last, perform...
Published: Dec 12, 2013
Gateway Analytical
Directory: Gateway Analytical
Gateway Analytical utilizes state-of-the art instrumentation and methods to support materials characterization for failure analysis, source determination and a wide range of other types of materials testing. Materials Testing Services: Metals and Semiconductor, Packaging, Product Uniformity, Raw Material Testing, Reverse Engineering, Contamination Testing, Defect Analysis, Failure Analysis, Industrial Forensic Testing, Particulate Testing, Quality Control Testing of Materials and Products ...
Published: Apr 20, 2011
Gomti Biotech Ltd.
Directory: Gomti Biotech Ltd.
A pioneer in production and distribution of Biodiesel in India. We are one of the manufacturers and exporters of bio chemical, food chemical, petroleum chemical, pharmaceutical chemical, bio diesel which is used world wide as an alternative fuel in cars, generators, tractors, pumps, heaters or home furnaces. We are a young and dynamic company that has developed a process which helps us in meeting the immediate and bulk requirements of clients across the world. To make this fuel more popular in the...
Published: Aug 24, 2009
Green2Chem Consulting
Directory: Green2Chem Consulting
Green2chem is a technology development company focused on services to industries active in sustainable chemistry and biochemistry. Green2chem’s core technical expertise is industrial biotechnology and chemistry at the interface of the life sciences, materials sciences and environmental sciences. We provide technical and R&D consulting solutions in the field of: - Industrial fermentation - Downstream processing - Organic chemistry of biochemicals - Alternative bio-sourcing of raw materials
Published: Apr 21, 2011
Green Fuels
Directory: Green Fuels
As Europe’s largest biodiesel equipment supplier, Green Fuels Ltd. designs and manufactures a range of affordable biodiesel processing equipment that produces fuel for small-scale, domestic usage - right up to commercial production levels.
Published: Apr 27, 2009
Greenwood Clean Energy
Directory: Greenwood Clean Energy
Greenwood is a leading North American manufacturer of high-efficiency, biomass-fired central heating appliances used for residential and light commercial applications.
Published: Apr 23, 2011
Growdiesel: Fuel Forever
Directory: Growdiesel: Fuel Forever
Growdiesel Consortium is a decentralized partnership consisting of a coalition of farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs and corporate who are partners in a value chain to manufacture & consume GROWDIESEL - a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel. Growdiesel is a domestically-produced, renewable, biodegradable and nontoxic replacement to fossil diesel.
Published: Apr 24, 2009
Harvel Plastics, Inc
Directory: Harvel Plastics, Inc
Harvel® EnviroKing™UV has been developed as a clear PVC piping that is suitable for exposure to sunlight. Unique UV blocking technology reduces harmful ultraviolet light wavelengths from penetrating the plastic while allowing beneficial wavelengths through. These unique attributes provide a durable containment vessel that has been optimized to improve light transmission through the pipe without jeopardizing product integrity. This enables Harvel® EnviroKing™UV to provide a...
Published: Jan 12, 2010
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