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Naran Lala Pvt. Ltd
Directory: Naran Lala Pvt. Ltd
Turnkey Suppliers of Distillery and Alcohol based Chemical Plants
Published: Feb 25, 2010
Novacta Biosystems
Directory: Novacta Biosystems
Novacta Biosystems is a fee-for-service CRO providing expertise in the metabolic pathway engineering of microbes to create more efficient producers of biofuels, renewable chemicals & other value added products. We distinguish ourselves in the ablity to manipulate a wide range of organisms (inc. actinomycetes, thermophiles, fungi and cyanobacteria)rather than only model organisms such as E.coli & S.cerevisiae.
Published: Mar 10, 2010
Nova Institut
Directory: Nova Institut
The nova-Institut is globally active in market research, industrial and political consultancy, project management and online media. The institute is using and creating expert knowledge and innovative technologies to advance and develop the use of renewable resources as energy and material. Besides the field of "reneweable resources" with the three departments "economy & resource management", "biomaterials" and "Communication - IT, print, congress & event...
Published: Aug 12, 2009
PCE Instruments UK Ltd
Directory: PCE Instruments UK Ltd
PCE Instruments is a manufacturer and global supplier of precision measuring instruments to the biofuel industry. Their product range includes moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, thickness meters, vibration meters, borescopes, leak detectors, hardness meters, ultrasonic flow meters, thermometers, viscometers, data loggers, scales and balances.
Published: Dec 12, 2013
Praj Industries Limited
Directory: Praj Industries Limited
Praj is a global Indian company that offers innovative solutions to significantly add value in bio-ethanol, alcohol, brewery plants, process equipment and water distillation and wastewater treatment systems for customers, worldwide. Praj is a knowledge-based company with expertise and experience in bioprocesses, yeast products and engineering. It has one of the largest resource bases in the industry with over 500 references across all five continents. Led by an accomplished and caring leadership, Praj is a...
Published: Oct 26, 2011
Price BIOstock, Inc.
Directory: Price BIOstock, Inc.
Price BIOstock is a division of The Price Companies, Inc. which operates 19 facilities under contract for many of the most respected manufacturing companies in America – including International Paper, Rayonier, Weyerhaeuser, New Page, and Georgia Pacific. These facilities aggregate and produce over 16 million metric tons of wood chips and hog fuel per year. Using its 25 years experience in consulting, wood procurement, systems design/engineering, and facilities management, Price is in the perfect...
Published: Dec 07, 2009
Directory: REECO GmbH
Since 1998 we have evolved into one of the largest fair and conference event organisers specialising in the renewable energy and energy efficient building industry. Our media publications are well respected by our target groups. Our communication and consulting services constantly create valuable contacts among business partners. We are one of the leading agencies servicing business to business and business to consumer contacts in our field. We do everything to enable our clients to manage their business...
Published: Jan 26, 2012
Renewable Diesel Europe
Directory: Renewable Diesel Europe
Renewable Diesel Europe is the exclusive European agent for the standalone Renewable Diesel technology developed by Cetane Energy LLC. Renewable Diesel (sometimes called green diesel, HDRD or HVO) is one of the so-called “next generation” biofuels made from renewable materials and it offers distinct advantages over the traditional biodiesel made by transesterification or esterification technologies. The process produces a direct replacement for fossil diesel or jet fuel and results in a...
Published: Sep 16, 2010
Russian Biofuels Association
Directory: Russian Biofuels Association
Russian National Biofuels Association promotes renewable fuels in Russia — bioethanol & biodiesel. To achieve its goals the Association works with various government and non-government stakeholders in Russian and Former Soviet Union countries.
Published: Apr 27, 2009
Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB)
Directory: Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB)
The Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB) is a nonprofit, international association dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences, especially as they apply to industrial products, biotechnology, materials, and processes. Founded in 1949, SIMB promotes the exchange of scientific information through its meetings and publications, and serves as liaison among the specialized fields of microbiology.
Published: Apr 27, 2009
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