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An Atlantic bridge for comparing EU and US views on the prospects of second-generation biofuels
Guest Editors

Andrea Monti, University of Bologna, Italy
Marisol Berti, North Dakota State University, USA

Don't miss this special issue of Biofpr considering the respective short-term mandates on renewable energies in the EU-27 and the USA and the most relevant activities for the development, demonstration, and commercialization of advanced biofuels in these regions.

Each article is co-authored by US and EU authors working in tandem to focus on different solutions for the large-scale implementation of energy crops and biofuels.

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Previous Special Issue

Biomass futures: Estimating the role of sustainable biomass for meeting the 2020 targets and beyond

Volume 7 Issue 2

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Biomass Futures

An issue of particularly high importance since 2007 is the long-term sustainable supply of biomass. Read the introduction to an exclusive Special Issue examining European 'biomass futures'.  

Biomass Futures

The times they are a-changin’: the end of cheap oil and how it is changing our world

If we are to make wise choices for our future, we must understand how our lives have been affected by cheap oil...  

The times they are a-changin’: the end of cheap oil and how it is changing our world

Editorial Board

Professor Bruce E. Dale (Michigan State University) leads a global Editorial Board, with members selected for their expertise in key topic areas.

Professor Bruce E. Dale


Professor Dale is a highly esteemed member of the biorenewables community.

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Aims and Scope

The definitive source of information on sustainable products, fuels and energy

Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining (Biofpr) is a vital source of peer-reviewed information on sustainable products, fuels and energy. Examining international scientific research and industrial development along the entire supply chain, the journal publishes critical reviews, commentary, business news highlights and policy updates. Don't miss the unique Patent Intelligence articles published in each issue, covering new patents and published applications.

"I read the Patent Intelligence article from beginning to end with high interest - really a nice piece of work with a collection of content I have not seen anywhere else."
Jefferson Lievense, Tate & Lyle, USA

The journal is dedicated to fostering growth in the biorenewables sector and serving its growing interdisciplinary community by providing a unique, systems-based insight into technologies in these fields as well as their industrial development.

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